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I feel difficulty in listening to French!!!

Language learning tips French

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about 3 years ago
It's quite difficult for me to listen French.. Suggest some tips!!
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about 3 years ago

Hi there, thanks for your question.

I think the best way to improve understanding of spoken French is to listen a lot to French content. It can be anything that you find interesting, dialogues, stories, podcasts, audiobooks, French radio, but you need to choose according to your level. In other words, to improve, you need already to understand the content pretty well and focus on the things you do not know.

If you are a French beginner, you can start with some easy French stories (we have some on our website) and read the text as you listen. It is also very important to repeat and listen to the same things more than twice. When you do, you will notice that you understand more and more.

I actually studied French myself, so I can share my two favourite podcasts. Please check Français Authentique and also Inner French. Of course, choose something else that you find interesting if you do not like these French podcasts.

Bon courage!

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