How to use 'się' in Polish language?

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Ania Marysia
3 months ago

When do we use 'się' in Polish?

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2 months ago

Hi Ania, thanks for your question.

In the Polish language, "się" is a reflexive pronoun used in various contexts. Here are some common ways "się" is used:

Reflexive Verbs: "Się" is used with reflexive verbs to indicate that the subject of the sentence is also the recipient of the action. For example:

Myję się (I am washing myself).

Ubieram się (I am getting dressed).

Reciprocal Actions: "Się" can be used in sentences involving reciprocal actions between two or more people. For example:

Spotykamy się (We meet each other).

Passive Voice: In the passive voice, "się" is used to indicate the recipient of the action. For example:

Drzwi otworzyły się (The doors opened).

Impersonal Expressions: "Się" is used in impersonal expressions to convey a general or unspecified subject. For example:

Nudzi mi się (I am bored).

Śniło mi się (I dreamt).

I hope this helps. I would not worry about it too much, try to use the langauge as much as possible, try to notice the usage and slowly incorporate it yourself.

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