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How to learn Italian words more quickly

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over 4 years ago
I'm trying to learn Italian but I struggle with memorizing the words and phrases. Do you have any specific tips or resources for Italian that could help my memory?
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over 4 years ago

Hi there. Learning vocabularies can sometimes be something quite tricky to do. How many times did you find yourself trying to learn a word and ending up forgetting it after a couple of minutes?

This is a natural mechanism of our brain because it isn't thought to memorize everything but only necessary information so it has developed a short and a long term memory.

Therefore, in order to make a new word more memorizable you need to make it simple to recall by linking and breaking it apart. Let's look at one not so common but still useful word: automaticamente.

Automaticamente Automatically


In this case, we see both methods being used. The first one is linking, because the word is quite similar to "automatically" in English and therefore it's easier to remember it like that.

But if the word is different, you can break it apart as shown in the second example. We see the word "auto" which is the word for "car" and for many other technical and mechanical things, or also things that work by themselves. And "amente" is like an ending such as "lly" in English. When breaking apart you can also connect the different parts to sounds and images that can help you to recall the word.

Let's use another example!

Quadro Picture

This is a quite different one but still, let's try to find a way to remember it.




Okay, "qua" "dro" are similar to "qua" and "re" of "square". And that's already a way to remember it! Another way is by sound.

"qua" is like the sound of a duck. "dro" is like "drone". Now imagine an* image on the wall showing a duck on a drone flying on a lake*. Quite insane, right? Better. The stranger the easier it is to remember.

These are two very easy methods to remember italians words but you can find many others and I hope I helped you with it today!

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