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How many hours to learn Russian?


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about 4 years ago
I'm thinking of studying Russian, but I am not sure if I have enough time. Learning a new language is a massive investment of time and can be tricky in case of Russian with its alphabet and pronunciation. How long does it take to learn Russian in your opinion? Are we talking about years rather than months?
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about 4 years ago

How long it will take to learn Russian depends on several factors. One of the most important is your native tongue and how similar it is to Russian. For instance, I am Polish and because Russian is very similar language to Polish I would need less time to learn it than, let's say, if I came from England (provided other conditions like time dedicated to learning was similar).

I actually have been studying French for some time and in spite of hours of listening to French podcasts, understanding spoken Russian is still much easier for me.

I personally think you should not be bothered much with how much time it will take but go for it if your motivation is high. Russian can be a challenge but it is certainly doable.

I hope Repeto will help you a bit. You can find all our Russian resources when you register and select Russian or without loggin in on this page Learn Russian. At the moment we have only some Russian stories but our new course for the beginners with lots of dialogues is coming soon. Good luck!

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