How do u think most important in learning English?

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How do u think most important in learning English?
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Hi Alex, thanks for an interserting question. To learn English effectively, focus on these important aspects:

Vocabulary: Learn relevant words and phrases using reading materials, flashcards, apps, etc.

Grammar: Understand basic grammar rules and practice using them in writing and speaking.

Reading: Read a variety of materials, starting with easier texts and progressing to more challenging ones.

Listening: Improve your comprehension skills by listening to podcasts, movies, and music.

Speaking: Practice conversations with language exchange partners or join conversation groups.

Writing: Regularly practice writing to enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and overall skills.

Consistency and Practice: Create a study schedule and practice English daily.

Also, try to stay positive, embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, and celebrate progress. Do not change learning materials too often, stick to one or two for a few weeks or months untill you finish it.

Remember, everyone learns differently, so find what works best for you and stay motivated throughout your journey.

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