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Cassandra Bilyeu
7 months ago

Hi! Do you pronounce the "h" in Italian?

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7 months ago

Ciao! 😀

We don't pronounce the "h" sound in Italian. In fact, it's called "mute consonant" like "h" in "hour" for English.

You need to write it but it's never pronounced. The same applies for English words! So for example, if you want to say "hamburger" in Italian, you would simply say "amburger". If you say it with the "h", it sounds wrong to us.

Sometimes this rule can be tricky even for some Italian people who don't write for a long time. For example.

"Ho visto una macchina" I saw a car

"O visto una macchina"

The first one is correct whereas the second is not. But the pronunciation is the same. You just have to understand whether there is a "h" according to your knowledge and context.

I hope I helped.

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