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Filler words in English?


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almost 3 years ago

Hi there! Can you tell me some good filler words in English? I heard about them and they are useful.

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almost 3 years ago

Hi! Yes, they are quite useful! Let me show you some of them. 😀

Here is a list of some of them:





That ( for example: I think (that) Mike's telling the truth)),









Sort of/Kind of,


Needless to say,

For what it's worth,

In my humble opinion,

Shortly speaking,


Needless to say,

You see,

You know,

I mean,

I guess/I suppose,

Like (not as a comparison, so in the sentence "he looks like my brother" a word "like" isn't a filler word),

Believe me,

What should we do to avoid them?

Just...avoid them ☺ that's the easiest, yet simultaneously the best thing you can do. Here are some examples and explanation:

In my humble opinion, arrogance is the worst feature of my partner! -> Arrogance is the worst feature of my partner

in the first sentence, you may be seen as a shy person who doesn't want to make a confident statement or isn't sure whether what they're saying it's true. In the second one, you're just presenting the fact which is your opinion.

Needless to say, she shouldn't have agreed to do this. -> She shouldn't have agreed to do this.

In the first statement, someone who is listening to you may think what you're saying isn't important, because you said it yourself ("there's no need to say this")

Eventhough they aren't necessary, you will hear them quite often,

every day - in movies, tv shows or, of course, in conversations, especially in American English. In talking language sounds like "umm" or "uh" also are discourse markers.

Sometimes filler words are useful: as I said, they give you time to think what do you want to say, sometimes they point out a piece of important information. But usually, especially in an everyday situation (for example a chat with your friends), there is no need to use them all the time.

And when do we use them?

when we need time to think

So, yeah, I think it who told me about it

when you want to sound less direct

I just know, that this dress, like, isn't the best option for you

to include someone, so they'd focus on what you're saying

And then we went to that beautiful restaurant, you know, and then he asked me...

to make sure you were understood correctly

I helped him because if it hadn't been for me, he wouldn't have passed, you know what I mean?

That would be all :) Remember, do not use filler words too often, but be aware that they exist and know when to use them. Good luck!

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