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Expressing opinions in English


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over 2 years ago

Hi! Can you give me some good phrases and words to express opinions?

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over 2 years ago

Hi! Sure, I'll make a list of them for you 😀

When you want to say what you think:

a) In my opinion,…

b) When it comes to me, …

c) From my point of view…

d) I get the impression, that…

e) I am convinced/sure that…

f) In my judgment, …

g) I am of the opinion, that...

h) I reckon, that…

i) If you want to hear my honest opinion, …

When you want to disagree:

a) It would be more accurate to say, that…

b) I maintain, that…

c) I’m afraid I have to disagree

d) I’m not sure about that

e) I’d say the exact opposite

f) I think we're going to have to agree to disagree.

When you want to agree:

a) I agree with you 100%

b) That’s exactly how I feel

c) That’s what I think

d) I couldn’t agree more

e) You have a point by saying, that…

f) No doubt about it

When you want to ask for the opinion:

a) What’s your idea?

b) How do you feel about it?

c) Is there something you would like to say?

d) What are your thought on…?

e) Does anyone want to add something?


a) I’m sorry to interrupt, but…

b) Can I add something here?

c) Can I jump in for a second?

d) If I can add something, …

That was your word bank. Now I’d like to share some advice you may find useful:

•Remember, it’s good to express your thought, but it’s important to ensure that you do it in a polite way which doesn’t offend anyone, anyone’s religion, culture or traditions.

Be open to someone else’s points of view(of course you don’t have to agree with them).

Speak slowly and clearly, especially when you’re not talking in your mother language.

Don’t talk too much about yourself – let someone else add something

You should use different language in a different situation– for example, „may I jump in for a second?” fits better in a friendly group chat and “Excuse me, can I add something here?” – in a business meeting.

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