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English present continuous tense


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over 3 years ago

Hi, I learn English. Can you explain present continuous please?

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over 3 years ago

Hi! 😀 The present continuous is often mistaken with the present simple because they both generally work in the present but let me explain you when to use the present continuous.

It is a relatively easy tense that is often used to say that an activity is just taking place. However, there are a few exceptions, let's check exactly in which situations we use this English tense.

Present continuous tense usage

We use present continuous tense in following situations:

Present continuous is not used with Stative verbs

These are verbs that do not express actions, but state of mind and relationships. Here are some of them:

So we say I understand you and not I'm understanding you or I want to go there rather than I'm wanting to go there.

There are some exceptions to this rule (McDonald's ad says I'm loving it!) but I think it is save to avoid using present continuous with Stative verbs.

Present continuous tense sentences

The present continuous tense is formed with [1] the subject, [2] the appropiate form of the verb to be: am, is, are and [3] the present particle form ing of the main verb.

My father is watching TV

A few examples

I am driving, I cannot talk now.

Tom is talking over the phone at the moment.

Ann is busy, she is cooking dinner.

The children are sleeping, be quiet!

Exceptions when creating verbs with the ending -ing

In most cases, we add the ending -ing to the infinitive to the basic form of the verb, but there are a few exceptions:


We create questions in present continuous in a very easy way, changing the order of the standard sentence. To create a question, we put a verb to be in a proper form in front of the subject of the sentence and add a question mark at the end:

Is your father watching TV?

A few more examples

Why are you crying?

Who am I speaking with?

Why is your dad shouting so loud?

What time are we leaving?

Negetive sentences

Create negative sentences is very easy, you take a standard sentence and add not to the verb to be:

My father is not watching TV


I'm not driving, we can talk now.

Tom isn't talking over the phone at the moment.

Ann isn't going to the concert tonight.

The children aren't sleeping yet.

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