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Can I Get The English Pronunciation For Russian?


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over 1 year ago

Can you translate the text below into English pronunciation? Like Hello is Russian would be pronounced privEt



У тебя́ есть лу́чший друг?


Как его́ зову́т?

Его́ зову́т Ми́ша.

А как он вы́глядит?

Он высо́кий. У него́ све́тлые во́лосы и голубы́е глаза́.

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over 1 year ago

Hi there. You can use Google translate to get the "written pronunciation" in English. Your text would look like:

U tebyá yest' lúchshiy drug?


Kak yegó zovút?

Yegó zovút Mísha.

A kak on výglyadit?

On vysókiy. U negó svétlyye vólosy i golubýe glazá.

If you need an audio file for the text, you can post a request in our Audio requests section and we will try to ask somebody from Russia to record it for you.

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