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Can you recommend any good mobile phone apps to learn Spanish?
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Hello! Thanks for your question. There are quite a few great apps for studying Spanish. They will allow you to target specific parts of the language you want to improve (grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and so on). Together with the phone, they are also portable and it means that you can learn in many different situations. You can learn outside of your home, on the bus white committing, while jogging, while waiting for an appointment, during lunch break and so on.

The last advantage is that all of the apps mentioned on my list are completely free of charge.

As you can see, there are many benefits of learning with apps and I encourage you to at least try some of them. Here's the list of my favourite ones.

Best applications for learning Spanish language

#1 Duolingo


Duolingo is my absolute favourite! I've been using it for several months and found nothing that I could consider a disadvantage. In the application, we can really learn many languages - English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Polish or even Esperanto or Swahili. At the beginning of learning a language, you pass a test that tests whether you are a beginner or whether you qualify for a higher level. Learning consists in checking out a few or a dozen or so minute lessons, where we will be asked to mark the right picture, provide a translation or create a sentence.

Learning from Duolingo is like playing a game. In each session we have only 3 hearts - 3 lives, so we can only make 3 mistakes, and for correct answers we get points. Thanks to a note of competition - even with yourself - as well as interesting methods of fixing new words, we are able to start an adventure with a new language in a simple and pleasant way.

At Duolingo you can also listen to Spanish-English podcasts, short stories in which the part is spoken in one language and part in the other. Not only do you repeat two languages at the same time, but it is also easier to guess what the Spanish teacher spoke about from the context that the English teacher is introducing.

#2 Quizlet


Quizlet, also known as the "life-saving application in the event of any kind of flashcards", is an application for learning not only foreign languages. It is a very simple and pleasant to use program that allows you to create any number of flashcards, add photos to them, listen to them, how they should be pronounced, and share your work with others.

You can also use ready-made flashcard sets and there are as many as 140 million! In this case, the only thing you have to do is enter the topic or issues that interest you. What can I say, as for me it is the best application to make flashcards - simple, but individualized, such that it will be pleasant to reach for 😀

#3 Spanish word of the day

Spanish word of the day

Spanish word of the day, as the name suggests, allows you to systematically learn Spanish words. What is the key to learning any language? Of course, being consistent and learning regularly! Learning one word a day is not difficult and it takes only a minute or two from your time. But it will allow you in a year to learn 365 popular and very frequently used words. If this pace does not satisfy you, learn in a different way, but still, use the application to support the process of memorizing words.

The application will display one Spanish word every day and its use in a sentence. The words and sentences have been carefully selected and the application will display phrases that appear in the language very often.

#4 Slowly


Slowly Slowly is another great application for learning Spanish, which goes to my list. If you know this application, you know that it is not - theoretically - for language learning. Theoretically, because it is primarily a communication tool.

Using Slowly you can write letters to people from around the world, make new friends, get to know other cultures or customs. And why not write a letter to a Spanish and Spanish to ask if he would like to talk to you in his native language, get to know each other better, and also help you master grammar and vocabulary?

#5 Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish is the second application that lets you listen to podcasts. When listening to podcasts, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the language and its use. Lectors will talk slowly or clearly with each other or talk about an interesting topic, in addition to teaching you many words of everyday use.

By listening to a few of these podcasts a day, you will definitely improve your pronunciation, as well as the ability to understand spoken Spanish. Depending on the progress you make, after a few months or a year, you should also be able to listen to ordinary Spanish podcasts that are not only addressed to learners.

#6 Spanish Short Stories Book

Spanish Short Stories Book

Spanish Short Stories Book allows you to learn Spanish in a very pleasant way, by reading and listening to Spanish stories. Learning in this way is done as if by the way. We listen to interesting stories and fairy tales and, by the way, we learn the language.

Grammatical structures, times, vocabulary, idioms - you can learn all these things thanks to the application that offers many short, interesting stories or cartoons in Spanish. The offer also includes more well-known stories, for example, Peter Pan.

That is all for today from me 😀 I hope that the Spanish learning apps presented by me will help you learn this beautiful, but sometimes difficult language. All the applications you could read about today are free, extremely easy to use and created so that each user can customize them to their own needs. Remember, however, not to limit yourself to only learning through applications. Nothing will improve your Spanish as talking to another person's face to face. Good luck!

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