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A nice website with Polish films


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2 months ago

A few days ago, a friend of mine recommended a fantastic website for Polish language learners interested in Polish cinema:

To access the content, you'll need to register, but once you're done with that, a treasure trove of well over 100 classic Polish movies awaits you.

I recently explored the site and came across several titles that caught my attention, particularly if you're a fan of funny comedies:

- Kingsajz
- Sexmisja
- Dzień świra
- Dług
- Psy
- Kiler
- Obywatel Piszczyk
- Zezowate szczęście
- Och Karol
- Nic śmiesznego

These movies are not only entertaining, but also offer a great opportunity for language learners to improve their Polish.

If you find it challenging to follow, don't forget to toggle the subtitles to make the most out of your viewing experience. Happy watching and learning!

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