25 common phrases in Spanish


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Hi! I'd like to know some common phrases in Spanish!
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Genesis Diaz
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Hola! 😀 Here are 25 common phrases in Spanish that I am sure you will use them a lot during your future experiences, travel and communication with Spanish speakers.

Let´s take a closer look at them.

Popular Spanish words and phrases

Spanish English
Gracias Thank you
De nada You are welcome
Bienvenido! Welcome!
¿Puede ayudarme? Can you help me?
Puede repetirlo Can you repeat it?
Si Yes
No No
Por favor Please
Disculpe Excuse me
Lo siento I'm sorry
No hay problema No problem
No entiendo I don't understand
No se I don't know
No tengo idea I have no idea
¿Qué significa ...? What does ..... mean?
Tal vez Maybe
Siempre Always
Nunca Never
Aveces Sometimes
Claro Of course
Buenas noches Good night
Hasta luego See you later
Hasta pronto See you soon
Hasta mañana See you tomorrow
¿Puedes hablar más despacio? Can you speak slowly?

I hope you have found it useful and you will quickly expand your Spanish vocabulary with these words and phrases.

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