Beginner A1 level

Russian dialogues for beginners

Learning the most common Russian phrases is the best way to start learning the language. The Russian dialogues for beginners course presents key Russian vocabulary in a funny and engaging way. From day one you will learn many popular Russian expressions and will see that our method is effective.

This basic Russian conversation course will include 25 dialogues and exercises to help you remember Russian words and phrases. All audio recordings have been prepared by professional British voice artists.

Just think about the unlimited possibilities that await you when you master Russian conversation! The opportunity to travel and communicate with people from around the world, better work and higher earnings, self-confidence and independence, satisfaction with success and much, much more 😀

After you finish the course you will know:

Russian dialogues in this course:

Как поживаете?
В чем дело?
Как тебя зовут?
Где ты живешь ?
Приятно познакомиться
Что ты любишь делать?
Ты говоришь на каких-нибудь языках?