When to use the Dative Case?

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David Sarmiento
4 months ago

I'm kinda new to German cases and I quite adept the usage of der Nominativ und der Akkusativ. I'm struggling of the usage of the Genitive like "du" vs "dir" when to use the Genitive case?

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4 months ago

Hi. Let me clear it out 😀

German cases have a base function based on the question they answer to so to say, and the other one based on the preposition.

Nominative = Who/What does the action?

Accusative = Who/What receives the action?

Dative = To who / To what goes the action?

Genitive = Of who / Of what?

That's the base function but depending on the preposition, the case will change. Most prepositions requires the dative, some the accusative and a few the genitive (you have to memorize them). Some, though, especially the ones that describe a movement and / or a position, can be both an accusative or dative depending on their role in the sentence, namely depending on whether we are taking about a movement or a position.

In + Position = Dative

In + Movement = Accusative

I hope it helped.

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