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Ania Marysia
15 days ago

need help with multiple meaning words: język, fala, zamek, granat / also get confused with gotowa= ready, gotowanie = cooking, gotowacz/gotowac = cook
Sure been looking forward to getting new materials to have more time to prepare. See how busy you are as not all these questions are being answered quickly.

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4 days ago

Hi Ania, thanks for your questions.

Regarding the meaning of the Polish words you mention:

język can be 1. tongue 2. language 3. tongue as a part in the shoe

fala is wave (I do not know other meanings, you know it can be treated as water or more metaphorically as in English)

zamek can be 1. castle 2. zip 3. lock

granat can be either 1. grenade or 2. pomegranate

Other words, are exactly as you wrote (you misspelled the to cook which is gotować). So:

gotowy, gotowa, gotowe , this is an adjective ready like in this sentence: Jesteś gotowa na kolejną lekcję polskiego? Are you ready for the next Polish lesson?

gotować is to cook. Lubię gotować w każdą sobotę. I like to cook every Saturday.

gotowanie is cooking. Gotowanie to moja pasja. Cooking is my passion.

Regarding preparation of materials Ania, this is difficult as I have other duties and simply need to earn some money.

I do my best. If you do not receive anything before the weekend, focus on the Core sentences as we will be constantly practicing those.

I want you to be able to answer straight away to any of the questions that are there.

I will try to record pronunciatioin of the whole thing soon. Maybe I should turn it int a simple Polish language course (Survival Polish)? What do you think?

Another idea... you can send me some materials or pictures yourself, and we can discuss them during the lesson 😀

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