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Hello Team,

When will we get a module with the grammar.

Same with the subjects of past, present and future ?


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Hello Leonistik,

Thanks for the question. Great to see you again 😀

I will try to publish something at the end of the week in Polish for beginners course.

Present tense is a bit difficult to cover because there are four groups of verbs. I will write some information about the first group and will add other groups later on.

We can call this group ę/esz because the ending for the first person is ę and for the second person is esz.

Here are a few verbs that are in this group: pracować to work, podróżować to travel, kupować to buy, pisać to write, pić to drink, chcieć to want, iść to go, móc can, brać to take, interesować się to be interested in, gotować to cook.

The verbs from ę/esz group conjugate in the following way:

ja piszę I write

ty piszeszyou write

on, ona, ono pisze he, she it writes

my piszemy we write

wy piszecie you write

oni, one piszą they write

In normal speech, the pronunciation of first and third person is the same.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions regarding this part.

I will add another group tomorrow 😀

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