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How to greet someone in German


asked by
Rob Calfee
about 2 years ago

Hi! I'm starting learning German and I was wondering how to greet someone besides Hallo.

1 answer
answered by
about 2 years ago

Hallo! There are several ways to greet someone but they are pretty similar to English. Let's look at them 😀

German Pronunciation English
Guten Morgen Good morning
Guten Tag Good morning (lit. Good day)
Guten Abend Good evening
Gute Nacht Good night
Hallo Hello
Hallöchen Hi (it's a variation of "Hello")
Servus Hi (in some regions)
Tschau It derives from "Ciao" and it's a way to say "Bye"
Tschüss Bye
Auf wiedersehen Goodbye

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