How to express your opinion in Italian


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Hi! I'm learning Italian and I'd like to learn how to express my opinion. Can you help?

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Ciao! 😀 Expressing your ideas and opinions in a language is very important otherwise every conversation you will have is going to be passive.

But doing it is not always easy because it both requires courage and good amount of practice.

But today I'm going to make it easier for you by giving some words that will definitely help you out!

Expressing opinions in Italian

The first step is learning the verbs that express an idea or opinion and they are the following ones :

Pensare To think

Credere To believe

There are also other ways like:

Sono dell'idea che I'm of the idea that

Secondo me In my opinion

These verbs can be combined with che like penso che, credo che etc.

Remember that when it comes to an opinion you need to use the subjunctive! But if you can't use it yet, don't worry! The sentence won't sound bad.

Another important thing to learn when expressing an opinion is contrast and for that you need other two words

Ma and Però

They have the same meaning, which is "But" "Though" "Yet"

Penso che sia una bella idea, ma forse non funziona. I think it's a good idea but it might not work out.

Secondo me non può, ma chissà. In my opinion he can't but who knows.

What if you want to ask for the opinion of the other. Well, you pretty much use the same words with some slight differences.

Cosa ne pensi? What do you think about it?

Secondo te? In your opinion?

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