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Ania Marysia
24 days ago

Where can I get a millenium Polish bible?

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22 days ago

Hello Ania,

Thank you for your question.

In Polish this is called Biblia Tysiąclecia.

If you want a paper copy, in the US it is available on Amazon, Polish bookstore and probably a few other places.

I have also found Polish-English parallel bible online. I think this is a different translation, but you may find helpful. Please have a look here: Polish and English parallel Bible.

I hope this helps.

answered by
Ania Marysia
20 days ago

Thank you as I am trying not to ask religious questions.

I think I may also find the milllenioum bible at the Polish-American Liturgical Center in Orchard Lakes, Michigan where I bought my polish mass missals.

If you have the interest and the time please Google the place on trzy tysiace piecset trzydziesci piec Commerace Road!

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