How to create an exercise

Information for Repeto contributors offers the possibility to use exercises to enhance your study even more and of course it's a great tool for contributors to create an even greater post. At the moment we have quizes and word lists.

Don't forget that you can't create exercises as a normal user.

How can I create a Quiz?

  1. You need to click on Dashboard on top of the page
  2. Click on New exercise
  3. Select Quiz under Exercise type
  4. Choose the article under Exercise belongs to. Be careful of choosing the right one!
  5. Under Content you can start creating your quiz. Be careful of respecting the right spacing and order.

What is your name?@

This is the question

{A, B, C, D}

These are the possible answers. They must be separated from a comma!

{A, B, C, D} 3

At the end you add the number of the correct answer. Be careful of adding the correct number of the list.


What is your name?@ {Duck, Jack, House, France} 2

The correct answer is the second: Jack.

How can I create a Vocabulary list?

  1. Choose "Vocabulary" as "Exercise type"
  2. Choose the article
  3. Under Exercise content write the words in the target language
  4. Under Exercise translation write the corresponding translations
  5. Be careful of writing them in the correct order!