Guidance for contributors

You have the opportunity to create contents on as a contributor and also to have an income from doing so.

How can I start?

First, please create an account and then contact us with the information how you can help.

The second step is to read our guide for creating an article: How to create a post?

That is pretty much it. We will change your user account to Contributor account and you will create your first language resource :)

Do I earn money from doing so?

Yes, but not right away. We have to be sure about the quality you're providing to the website and therefore you need to build some sort of trust. Afterwards, you can contact us and let us know you're interested.

What can I post?

How much will I be paid?

I'm a teacher. Can I promote my work?

Do I need to be a native speaker?

Do I have to translate the text and to add the original text?

What are the videos requirements?

We don't have any responsibility of the contents created by our contributors. We always control our contents but if there is any content violating morals, laws or copyrights, let us know by contacting us.