Beginner level

Spanish short stories for beginners

Welcome to our Spanish language course! The course will consist of 12 engaging Spanish short stories created for language learners.

The stories are short and easy to follow and contain basic Spanish vocabulary from levels A1 and A2.

Each short story is accompanied by an audio recording and a list of important words and phrases. We will also include a simple drag and drop exercise to practice vocabulary.

How to learn Spanish with stories?

Our method is quite simple. You need to read and listen to each story a few times to understand it completely. If you struggle with understanding something, please use English translation or post a comment below the story. Once you remember the whole story in Spanish, work with vocabulary by listening and repeating words and phrases. You can also do drag and drop vocabulary exercise.

Remember, it is very important to say phrases and whole sentences aloud as this will help you to remember them better.

Also, when you finish, please re-visit the story after a few days and again after a few weeks, to refresh the information you acquired.

Spanish stories in this course:

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