Cena di famiglia

Italian short stories for beginners

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Hi there, this is the first episode of Short stories in Italian, a series of easy to follow and interesting stories for Italian language learners.

I and other authors have been creating stories that will allow you to learn useful Italian vocabulary and improve listening comprehension skills. Listen to and read the story text many times.

You will find a list of most important words below. Practice your pronunciation and do the exercise.

Audio and transcript

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James bussa alla porta della casa dei genitori di Valeria. Valeria è la sua fidanzata. James è molto imbarazzato.

James knocks on the door of Valeria's parents' house. Valeria is his fiancé. He is feeling really shy.

Valeria apre la porta e dice “Hola! Benvenuto a casa mia!” e presenta James ai suoi genitori.

Valeria opens the door and says ‘Hola! Welcome to my house!’ Then she introduces James to her parents.

Valeria è spagnola. Le sue tradizioni sono diverse da quelle di James. James entra e si siede a tavola.

Valeria is Spanish. Her traditions are different from James'. James goes inside and sits down at a table.

C’è molto cibo spagnolo. È la sua prima volta che lo prova e non ha idea di cosa sia ogni piatto.

There is a lot of Spanish food. It is his first time trying it and he has no idea of what each dish is.

James chiede: Cosa è questo?

James asks: What is it?

Valeria sorride e dice “È una omelette spagnola fatta con patate, uova e cipolle.”

Valeria smiles and says ‘It is a Spanish omelette made with potato, eggs, onion’.

James prova e gli piace molto.

James tries the food and he really likes it.

“È delizioso” dice.

‘It's delicious’ he says

James guarda e ringrazia Valeria e i suoi genitori.

James looks and thanks Valeria and her parents.

Spendono diverse ore ridendo, mangiando e parlando. È una bella serata ma sta diventando tardi.

They spend a few hours laughing, eating and talking. It is a nice evening but it is getting late.

James si alza e dice “Mi dispiace ma penso che sia ora di andare a casa”.

James stands up and says ‘I’m sorry but I think it’s time to go home.’

James ringrazia tutti e lentamente ritorna a casa.

James thanks everyone and slowly heads back home.


  • ringraziare to thank
  • parlare to talk
  • cibo food
  • genitori parents
  • fidanzata fiancé
  • imbarazzato shy
  • porta door
  • tavolo table
  • patata potato
  • uovo egg
  • cipolla onion
  • piacere to like
  • ridere to laugh
  • mangiare to eat
  • casa house


Drag and drop expressions to their correct translations.

to eat







cipolla fidanzata mangiare patata cibo uovo casa
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