Useful Japanese phrases

Japanese language Vocabulary

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Let me introduce essential Japanese phrases for new learners. I think one of the good strategies when starting learning Japanese is to remember a few hundreds popular Japanese phrases. If you do so will be able to communicate even if you are not entirely sure about grammar and pronunciation.

Of course, later on when you expand your vocabulary, you should shift your focus to Japanese writing and grammar.

So please find below these 30 Japanese phrases, commonly used in everyday life.

Popular Japanese phrases with audio

Japanese Pronunciation English
はい。 Play audio Yes
いいえ。 Play audio No
おはようございます。 Play audio Good morning
こんにちは。 Play audio Hello / Good afternoon
こんばんは Play audio Good evening
はじめまして。 Play audio Nice to meet you
ありがとうございます。 Play audio Thank you very much
すみません。 Play audio Excuse me / I'm sorry
わかりました。 Play audio I understand
わかりません。 Play audio I can't understand
おげんきですか。 Play audio How are you?
げんきです。 Play audio I'm good
おねがいします。 Play audio Please
おなまえはなんですか。 Play audio What is your name?
わたしはくみこです。 Play audio I'm Kumiko
いくつですか。 Play audio How old are you?
いくらですか。 Play audio How much is it?
おてあらいはどこですか。 Play audio Where is the bathroom?
もういちどいってください。 Play audio Could you say that again?
もうすこしゆっくりはなしてください。 Play audio Could you speak a little more slowly?
えいごがはなせますか。 Play audio Do you speak English?
にほんごがすこしはなせます。 Play audio I can speak Japanese a little
にほんごがはなせません。 Play audio I cannot speak Japanese
だいじょうぶですか。 Play audio Are you allright?
だいじょうぶです。 Play audio I'm fine
いただきます。 Play audio Thank you for the meal (before eating)
ごちそうさま。 Play audio Thank you for the meal (after eating)
えきにはどうやっていきますか。 Play audio How can I get to the station?
どこできっぷをかえますか。 Play audio Where can I buy a ticket ?
あいしています。 Play audio I love you

I hope you have found these Japanese expression useful.

Please stay tune for more Japanese language lessons 😀