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Hello there. I think that reading and listening to easy Japanese phrases can be an effective way to learn the language.

I have decided to create for you a few Learn Japanese with audio lessons based on this concept. Today you will read and listen the first episode about Naomi and her family.

Below the lesson, you fill find the most important Japanese phrases with the pronunciation as well as a simple exercise.

I hope you will like lessons like this. Please let me know in the comments below what you think about this idea and if you have any questions regarding Japanese language.

The Japanese audio for the main part was recorded by khaki, one of the contributors at Rhinospike.com.

Audio and transcript

私はナオミです。(Watashi wa naomi desu.)

My name is Naomi.

19才です。(19 sai desu.)

I am 19 years old.

出身は日本です。(susshin wa nihon desu.)

I am from Japan.

東京に住んでいます。(tokyo ni sunde imasu.)

I live in Tokyo.

東京は日本の首都です。(tokyo wa nihon no shuto desu.)

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

父はアメリカ人です。(chichi wa amerika jin desu.)

My father is an American.

母は日本人です。 (haha wa nihonjin desu.)

My mother is Japanese.

兄妹(きょうだい)が二人います。(kyoudai ga futari imasu)

I have two siblings.

一人は兄でもう一人は妹です。 (hitori wa ani de mou hitori wa imouto desu.)

One is an elder brother, and the other is a younger sister.

兄は会社員です。(ani wa kaishain desu.)

My brother is a company employee.

銀行で働いています。 (ginkou de hataraite imasu)

He works at a bank.

妹は高校生です。(imouto wa koukousei desu.)

My sister is a high school student.

私たちはいっしょによく買い物をします。(watashi tachi wa isshoni yoku kaimono wo shimasu.)

We often go shopping together.

私は大学生です。 (watashi wa daigakusei desu.)

I am a university student.

専攻は建築です。 (senkou wa kenchiku desu.)

My major is architecture.

歴史的建造物に興味があります。(rekishiteki kenzobutsu ni kyoumi ga arimasu.)

I am interested in historic buildings.

私はスポーツと旅行が好きです。(watashi wa supootsu to ryokou ga suki desu.)

I like sports and travelling.

テニスと水泳が得意です。(tenisu to suiei ga tokui desu.)

I am good at playing tennis and swimming.

去年の夏ハワイに行きました。(kyounen no natsu hawai ni ikimashita)

Last summer I went to Hawaii.

ハワイは父の生まれ故郷です。(hawai wa chichi no umarekokyou desu)

Hawaii is my father’s home town.

私は祖父と祖母に会いに毎年ハワイに行きます。(watashi wa sofu to sobu ni ai ni maitoshi hawai ni ikimasu.)

I go to Hawaii every year to meet my grandfather and grandmother.

ハワイには日本のレストランがたくさんあります。(hawai ni wa nihon no resutoran ga takusan arimasu.)

In Hawaii, there are lots of Japanese restaurants.

私は寿司と天ぷらを食べました。(watashi wa sushi to tempura wo tabemashita.)

I had sushi and tempura.

日本食は人気があります。(nihonshoku wa ninki ga arimasu.)

Japanese foods are popular there.

ハワイの海はとてもきれいです。(hawai no umi wa totemo kirei desu)

The sea of Hawaii is very beautiful.


  • 私はナオミです。 My name is Naomi.
  • 19才です。 I am 19 years old.
  • 出身は日本です。 I am from Japan.
  • 東京に住んでいます。 I live in Tokyo.
  • 私はスポーツと旅行が好きです。 I like sports and travelling.


Drag and drop expressions to their correct translations.

I am from Japan.

I am 19 years old.

My name is Naomi.

I live in Tokyo.

I like sports and travelling.

出身は日本です。 東京に住んでいます。 私はスポーツと旅行が好きです。 私はナオミです。 19才です。
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