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Meet Luke (easy English sentences)

written by Pawel 2 days ago English language Listening

Today we have another easy post in English for absolute beginners. We will listen to and read a short text about a boy from London called Luke. As always, below the transcript you will find most important vocabulary and a short vocabulary exercise. You will have to link an...

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Polish podcast #4 - Problemy z francuskim

written by Pawel 3 days ago Polish language Listening

Welcome to the next episode of Polish Podcast . Below you will find the entire transcript of the podcast, its English translation, a list of important Polish words and phrases and a simple drag and drop exercise that will help you to remember them. I am...

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La compétition de badminton

written by Marvin 6 days ago French language Listening

Bonjour, je vais poster dans les semaines à venir des exercices de compréhension orale que j'avais préparés dans le cadre de mon travail. Si vous voulez, vous pouvez essayer de répondre à ces différentes questions pour vérifier votre compréhension du texte. C'est bien si vous pouvez le faire en deux...

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Polish podcast #3 - Jak nauczyłem się języka angielskiego

written by Pawel 28 days ago Polish language Listening

Welcome to the third episode of my Polish Podcast! In this episode, I talk about how I managed to learn English, what materials and methods I used and how long it took me. I hope this information will help you to learn Polish more efficiently 😀 As always, at...

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Learn Japanese : Naomi and her family

written by Kumiko about 1 month ago Japanese language Listening

Hello there. I think that reading and listening to easy Japanese phrases can be an effective way to learn the language. I have decided to create for you a few Learn Japanese with audio lessons based on this concept. Today you will read and listen the first episode...

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The musician of the train [ITALIAN SHORT STORY]

written by Davi about 1 month ago Italian language Listening

Ciao 😀 Today I'm back with another short story of a musician in a train where art is forbidden. There are some tricky vocabularies but I think you'll enjoy it and learn a lot from it! Of course, don't forget about the English transcript I put along the original in...

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Polish podcast #2 - Wakacje

written by Pawel about 1 month ago Polish language Listening

Welcome to the second episode of my Polish Podcast! If you haven't listened to the first episode, it is available here: Polish Podcast #1 . In this episode, I talk about my holidays in Poland and a trip to Kraków . I hope you will like it 😀 We have...

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Les grandes vacances

written by Amélie about 2 months ago French language Listening

Hi there. This is my first episode of Learn French with audio, a series for people who want to improve understanding of spoken French. In this episode, I will tell you about summer holidays and a few interesting destinations in France. As always, alongside the recording, you will also...

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How to describe yourself in Spanish

written by Genesis Diaz about 2 months ago Spanish language Listening

Hi! My dear Friends. Today I came up with this interesting lesson of how to talk about yourself in Spanish. Of course when you learn a new language one of the main purposes is to communicate with other people and what better than starting talking a bit about you. Wherever...

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The nameless kid - Part 2 [ITALIAN SHORT STORY]

written by Davi about 2 months ago Italian language Listening

Here you have it! The second part of the new story "The nameless kid"! You will find the transcript both in Italian and English and of course the audio! Feel free to click on the different parts of the transcript to listen it how many times you want! Get ready...

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